Bullis Indoor Court Time Schedule

Bullis Tennis Memberships

  • Membership provides the ability to book indoor court spot time (4 indoor courts).
  • Membership allows for usage of outdoor courts when they are not in use (8 outdoor courts).
  • Membership fee is $50. Good for 1 year.
  • Booking member must be present during booked court time.
  • At least one member per court for singles play and two members per court for doubles play is required.
  • Players must be prompt leaving the court when the time is up whether there is someone waiting for the court or not.
  • Failure to comply or usage of non-booked court time will result in loss of booking privileges.
  • To acquire membership, email director@passacademybullis.com or call the office at 301.299.0007 for membership approval & the Membership Payment Password.

Spot Indoor Court Time

Courts may be booked up to 14 days in advance. Payment is taken at time of booking and is locked in immediately.
Member Court Rates (per hour): M-F 7am-9am: $20, 9am-11pm: $33 Sa-Su 6am-11pm: $33
To VIEW the schedule without an account, login with (debradager@gmail.com), password (viewonly). You will not be able to book court time with this account, a membership account is required to book court time.